3 Tricks Dads Can Use to Help Their Child Love School


Some kids love school from the first day and beyond. Others have a harder time enjoying the experience and struggle a little bit. Fortunately, dads can have a big impact on how a child feels about school. Here are a few ways to work your magic in your child’s life.

Look Into Extracurricular Activities

For some kids, the classroom is never going to hold much appeal. That’s why it’s wise to look into extracurricular activities to help your child enjoy school. Teams and clubs can help your child increase his social circle. It will also help him improve his school performance because participation on many teams is contingent on grades. Going to school will feel like less of a hassle if your child knows they have an activity he enjoys to look forward to each day. It can give them purpose. Find the right team or club for your child, and they will likely flourish before your eyes.

Find the Right Teacher

Finding the right teacher for your child is essential if you want her to enjoy school. A bad teacher who is constantly critical or doesn’t know how to connect with your child can ruin the entire experience. Your child has to see this person every day, so it’s best if they look forward to it instead of dreading it. Sometimes switching classes isn’t possible. In circumstances like this, you will have to work with the teacher and your child to help them. Even if you don’t start out loving them, you can foster a better relationship with the teacher as you go. You will also be teaching your child how to do this so the entire school year won’t feel extremely difficult.

Don’t Over Schedule

It’s important to find a balance between extra activities, down time, and school work. Overloading with too many activities can make a child see school as something that gets in the way instead of a priority. Keeping a balance will help a child complete assignments, get enough rest, and participate in activities they care about regularly. Allowing your kid to over schedule will cause stress that could lead them to dislike school even more. They will see it as something that interferes with their life instead of something that enhances their other opportunities.

You can help your child learn to love school. Simply be there every step of the way to help them handle problems, and they will have a much better experience.

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