3 Ways to Help Your Child Through a Tough Move

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Moving homes can often be exciting for adults who are looking forward to relocating and starting a new season in life. Unfortunately, children can have a more challenging time with the move and the transition. If you want to help your kids get through the process and have an easier experience moving homes, there are a few different steps to take as their parent.

Help Them Have Some Control

For many kids, it can be challenging to move homes because they often feel like they can’t control their situation and aren’t sure of what to expect. If you want to make the process easier, opt for giving them some control that can allow them to feel a part of the process and still have input. Consider allowing them to choose the color of paint that they can use in their new room or letting them pick out a few items that they can use to decorate their personal space and make it their own. Allowing them to have freedom can make it more exciting and can also allow them to feel valued.

Moving Companies Can Help

Moving companies are a great way to take the stress out of moving. Not only will you have someone capable of handling the lifting and possibly even the packing but you will be free to see to the needs of your child. During a hard move, your child will need comfort and attention. Let them know that you are aware of how they feel and help them to not feel lost in the flurry of the move. Spend some time with them to allow them to say goodbye to friends and favorite places. Talk to them about all the wonderful things that they will see and be able to do in the new house. Just be there for them.

Plan Fun Activities

Allow your child to adjust well in the new city that you move to by planning fun activities once you arrive instead of spending all of your time unpacking. Consider visiting an amusement park in the local area or go out for ice cream. You can also get a new library card and check out a few books or videos that they can enjoy. Scheduling a few playdates with other kids in the neighborhood can also allow them to connect with other children their age and make new friends quickly. You could even plan and host a larger party and invite families in your neighborhood. Set up a bounce house and provide snacks to really get the party rolling.

Although moving is rarely easy for young children, there are ways to make it a smoother process and transition. With the right steps taken, you can help your child mentally and emotionally to ensure that they adjust well and begin to love their new home.

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Thank you for sharing such timely wisdom and comfort. I really needed this post today. You must have been inspired. May many blessings find their way to you!

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