4 Technology Tricks to Help Protect Your Children


Technology has brought many great and significant advances into the modern world, including the internet and smartphone devices. However, if you have children, the internet can sometimes feel scary and daunting, especially in areas that are familiar to you. Using a few technology tricks, learn how to protect your children each and every time they use their devices.

Monitor Social Media

Monitoring social media is extremely important for children and teens of all ages. The rise in loneliness, anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts has skyrocketed amongst children and teenagers of all ages. While technology and social media may seem to bring individuals together, it is seemingly creating a society that is more isolated than ever. Use monitoring software and programs to watch over the behavior of your children online and to ensure they are not visiting harmful or dangerous websites. Monitoring software can also ensure that your child is not being bullied or harassed by others.

Maintain Access and Control Over All Devices and Logins

While it is important to allow your children freedom and privacy, it is also important to remember that the internet can become a dangerous place in an instant. Maintain access and control over logins as well as any games and software programs your children use or access frequently. Your children should understand that using technology is a privilege and that they do not have the inherent right to access it. Explain to them that the reason why you maintain access and control over the devices and logins is so that you can keep them safe from potential predators. This will help them to understand why they can’t have unlimited access to technology.

Search Criminal Record Database

You can search the criminal record database available in your state free of charge to discover whether sex predators and dangerous criminals live in your area. You can use an online database to identify criminal allegations in the area where you live. Using an online lookup can also allow you to identify criminal allegations that may involve sex crimes or individuals under the age of 18 in your neighborhood.

Explore What Your Children Do Online

As a parent, it is frequently best to immerse yourself in your child’s activities to truly get a better understanding of them for yourself. Spend time browsing the websites or watching the YouTube commentators your children follow and enjoy to learn more about their world and how they see it. Engage with your children about their online activity to gain a better understanding of how they interact with others and to determine what they are using their devices for most.

While technology can certainly present scary and dangerous situations to any individual who is not cautious, it can also be a great learning tool and playground for children and growing teens. With proper monitoring and open communication, you can help to protect your children when they are online while maintaining an ongoing dialogue at all times.

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