5 Tips to Keep Your Children Safer

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Whether it is your first time being a parent or the fourth time, ensuring the safety of your children is a priority. Safe environments provide less stress on the parents and more run and play time for the kids. Here are five tips for improving the safety of your children:

Window Safety

Securing the windows in your home is as simple as purchasing window locks. There are different types of locks available for purchase that range in size and complexity. Window locks such as sash locks are advised if the home has more than one floor. They can be found for relatively low costs at your local hardware store. It is also advised that you cover the basement window wells to prevent falls.

Play Area Safety

Putting up gates can prevent children from falling down the stairs or going into areas of the home that are inappropriate for them to be. Gates keep younger children contained in one area. Toys and other play items are also confined to one space, which will lessen the cleanup time for the parent.

Car Safety

It is required by law for children under the age of 8, or less than 40 pounds, to be in car seats. It is imperative to purchase a car seat that is comfortable and safe for your child. When your child is age 8 and over 40 pounds, they can ride in a booster seat. However, be sure to use age-appropriate booster seats. If the booster seat is too small or too large, the seat belt will not cross the lap and shoulder at the proper places, which then compromises the effectiveness of both the seat belt and booster seat. Also, keep in mind that not all carseats and boosters are created equally. Industry experts and safety experts are increasingly recommending alternatives to traditional booster seats, so be sure to do your research before choosing the wrong option for your children.

Sun Safety

It is very healthy for children to spend time in the sun. However, there are two essential rules to follow: 1) Put sunscreen on them if they are spending more than 15 minutes in the sun. 2) Make sure they stay hydrated (preferably with water), especially during the summer months.

Safety from Bullying

There is an alarming increase in children being bullied by other children online and face-to-face. Make sure to talk to your kids openly. Love them unconditionally. Let them know how great and unique they are and that you are open to talk and listen when needed. Additionally, consider teaching computer safety skills so as to lesson bullying in all aspects of their life.

Sometimes the thought of providing extra safety for your kids can seem like a daunting task. However, even just a few improvements can prevent significant and costly accidents. Most importantly, they help you raise a happy and healthy child.

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