A Reading List for Thrifty Dads: 6 Books for Huge Savings

Savings add up fast

Knowledge is power, or in this case savings! Here are 6 books that EVERY thrifty dad, or wanna be thrifty dad, should read. They are filled with some great tips that will save you money, and all of those savings over time add up to more money in the vacation jar, the college fund, or the daddy splurge account.

The One Week Budget: Learn to Create Your Money Management System in 7 Days or Less!

Why you need it? This book doesn’t focus on making money, but where your money is going. You can make a small fortune every payday, but if you don’t have a budget your money is typically gone before the next payday. Get that budget under control in less than 7 days with this awesome book!

Slaying the Debt Dragon: How One Family Conquered Their Money Monster and Found an Inspired Happily Ever After

If you have debt, you’re most likely not saving as much as you could be. Debt stinks, and this book can be a huge help in guiding you out of debt and into financial security.

Extreme Couponing: Learn How to Be a Savvy Shopper and Save Money… One Coupon At a Time

You’ve seen the show, you’ve seen the savings, and now you can learn how yourself! Can you imagine how much money you could save if your grocery budget was drastically reduced? Everyone from teenagers to single fathers is couponing, and YOU CAN TOO!

Weekly Meal Planner: 52 Week Meal Planning Notebook: Save Time & Money with This Blank Meal Prep Book

How much food do you throw away each week because it went bad? Picture every apple you throw away as throwing away 60 cents, and all those spoiled leftovers as putting cold hard cash in the trash. Stop the waste, stop throwing away your money, stop spending a fortune in the drive thru, and get hooked on menu planning. It’s a GREAT habit to take up, and your wife will thank you!

Urban Gardening: How To Grow Food In Any City Apartment Or Yard No Matter How Small (Growing Indoors, On Rooftop , Small Yards, Balcony Gardens, Planting … Systems)

The more you can grow yourself, the more you can save on produce! This book shows you how to grow the good stuff in even the smallest of spaces. It’s safer for your kiddos AND you get to play in the dirt. WIN!

Thrift: Making Massive Money from items at Thrift Store Prices by Selling them for Huge Retail Profits (Thrifting on Scale, Dominating the Flipping Market … Op Shopping, Scaling for Thrifting)

A little extra income NEVER HURTS, and this can also show you how to get rid of the clutter around your house or man cave. Those old toys your daughter no longer plays with could mean extra money in her college fund or new tools for dad!

Now you have some great books on your reading list to get you started on your journey to savings. Keep it thrifty by skipping the new book section and looking for these books used. An even better idea is to look for them at your local library (hello free!). If you library doesn’t carry them, they can still get them for you free of charge through the interlibrary loan system.

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DShureNannyTaxDeborah Shure is the owner and founder of NannyTax, the premier nanny payroll service in Canada. With over 25 years of combined financial experience, Deborah and her team are the most trusted source of nanny payroll information. When she isn’t busy providing “nanny tax frustration relief”, Deborah is spending time with her 3 kids doing all the things that supermoms do!


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