Birthday Party Planning 101

birthday planning

Have you been tasked with planning the upcoming birthday party for your child? There is a lot to remember and take into consideration when you are planning a children’s birthday party, but it’s also fun. Kids are generally easy to please, so following this guide for birthday party planning is an easy way for your child and their friends to have a great time.

Pick a Place

First, decide where the party will be held. Will it be at home or elsewhere? Is there a favorite restaurant or entertainment venue that your child likes? Theme parks, movie theaters, bowling alleys, etc. often offer birthday party packages. These can make party planning a lot easier, since they typically take care of the decorations, food, entertainment, and cleanup. However, keep in mind that doing a party at a venue is typically more expensive than doing it at home.


Most kids, especially younger ones, will love the idea of picking out a theme for their birthday party. This will help you narrow down ideas for activities and decorations. Help them come up with a theme based on something they’re currently interested in and go from there. Superheroes and Disney are usually very popular, and you can definitely find supplies like napkins and plates with this theme, and if you’re lucky, activities such as games or moonhouses with them as well.

Guest List

Many parents choose to invite everyone into their child’s class to the birthday party, so everyone is included. However, if you are interested in having a smaller get-together, give your child a maximum headcount and then have them give you the names. Make sure you get your invitations out a couple of weeks in advance so that everyone your son or daughter wants to be there can definitely make it. They are going to want their favorite friends there, especially if it’s going to be a smaller party!

Bounce Houses and Other Entertainment

Having some games and activities for the children to do at the birthday party is the most crucial part. Some people choose to hire entertainers and some plan games. A really popular form of entertainment for kids is a bounce house. Bounce houses are an easy and safe way to keep kids occupied for a long stretch of time doing something that is actually fun and active for them. They are always a hit! They are usually easy and affordable to rent, and you can even try to match them to the party theme you are working with.


Kids are going to want fun and playful snacks to eat during their birthday party. If you are planning on doing a meal, serve something that they like, like pizza, but with a healthy twist. If you are trying to avoid having to serve a full meal, consider hosting the party in the mid-afternoon, between lunch and dinner. This way, all you have to do is let your child pick out a fun cake and some drinks.

Planning your child’s birthday party can be enjoyable and stress-free as long as you get organized and get started early. Use these tips to create a memorable and fun party for your son or daughter, and be the world’s best dad.


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