Dads Know the Importance of Web Development Training

Web development training for your kids

One thing that most dads are up to date on is technology. Even if their phone is a few years old or they’re still using an older computer, most know the features of the newer versions. Just as savvy dads want to experience the best features technology has, they also want their little ones experiencing it too.

Many parents are taking things a step farther and letting their kids get really hands on when it comes to computers. They let them design programs, build websites, create apps, and more.

Now you may be thinking that these kids have to be in high school to do all that, but you’d be wrong. According to The New York Times, schools are teaching web development training to five-year olds. That’s right, kindergartners are now learning to read their first words and design web pages at the same time. Even younger kids are learning the basics at home from parents or through web-based programs.

Why would they teach web development training to children? We have always heard that computers are the future, and this applies now more than ever. Even today most jobs require some sort of computer or technology skills. In the future all aspects of a job could be on a computer. If your kiddo can’t create programs, fix problems, and doesn’t know a computer inside and out they may have a much harder time finding a job. You WANT to give your kids a head start in this area, or they could fall behind.

What can you do as a father who wants to do what’s best for his kiddos? Get them started NOW! Teach them the basics of web development training. If you don’t know the basics yourself, take a beginner class online. appendTo offers them, knows the high need for a technical workforce in the future, and strongly encourages parents to get their kiddos excited about these skills as soon as possible. They offer classes on everything from CSS to Jasmine.

As a parent, it’s our job to make sure our children have all the skills they need to for a bright future. Web development training how now become one of them!


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