Dental Problems You Should Be Checking for in Your Children

Dental Problems You Should Be Checking for in Your Children

One of your biggest responsibilities as a parent is taking care of your children’s health. Of course, there are injuries or issues that your child might be experiencing that can be a lot more visible, like a broken arm or scraped knee. However, issues that aren’t as visible, such as oral health problems, are still just as important. Here are a few dental problems that you should be checking for in your children.


First off, a very common problem that your children will probably experience is the development of plaque on their teeth. Plaque comes from a combination of natural bacteria, saliva, and food fragments, and creates a coating on your teeth and gums. If plaque isn’t properly cleaned off of your child’s teeth, it can build up, get worse, and eventually cause problems such as cavities, infection, or even tooth loss. If your child complains of a fuzzy, unclean feeling on their teeth, they probably have a plaque problem. You might also spot a plaque problem if their gums are swollen or irritated, if they have bad breath, or if their teeth are decaying.

Misaligned Teeth

Another issue that your children might experience is misaligned teeth. This is an oral health issue that will be a little bit easier to spot. If your child complains of sore teeth or a painful bite, chances are that they have misaligned teeth. This could include anything like a crooked bite or big teeth gaps, or teeth growing in the wrong place. These issues can lead to future infections and cavities if they aren’t resolved. An orthodontist can help align your child’s teeth if they are coming in crooked.


Finally, one of the common issues that many children experience that you’re probably aware of is cavities. Cavities are caused by bacteria which comes from starchy and sweet foods left on the teeth without being properly cleaned. This bacteria can create acids which then wear down the enamel protection that is on your children’s teeth, causing cavities. Cavities can be painful to experience and expensive to take care of. While it is common for children to have cavities, since their baby teeth often aren’t as strong as their adult teeth will be. However, if you teach your children to properly clean and care for their teeth, they can avoid cavities.

Now that you’re aware of some of the different oral health challenges that your children might experience, make sure you take the time to educate them on these issues so they can avoid them. Of course, make sure that you find a good dentist to help you to care for your children. A dentist who has experience with children will be able to advise you and your kids on how they can improve their oral health.

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