Fun Family Activities to Do During a Vacation to Mexico

Fun Family Activities to Do During a Vacation to Mexico-min

While an exotic location like Mexico may be the ideal location for couples, the fact of the matter is that it also presents some wonderful opportunities for families as well! No matter how old, your kids will gain valuable perspective and have tons of fun exploring idyllic beaches. Here are some suggestions that you can start with!

Eat Amazing Mexican Food

Honestly, it’s impossible to overstate: Tex-Mex just does not compare to authentic Mexican food! As good as the Americanized version can be, it lacks so much of the freshness and spice that sets a truly Mexican dish apart. There is so much to choose from, as well – from the cold, sweet horchata cinnamon drink, to chilaquiles, to pozole, to the steaming-hot empanadas. There is a vast culinary world to explore that offers equal parts adventure and safety (for the picky younger kids!). The numerous variations on tender, flavorful meat, paired with or wrapped inside freshly fried dough will rarely disappoint. When all else fails, find the tried-and-true street taco in a corn tortilla. When it comes to food, Mexico doesn’t compromise!

Go Surfing

Mexico has miles upon miles of beautiful beaches – especially around the lengthy and gorgeous Yucatan Peninsula. But your selection is going to depend a whole lot on what you’re looking to do! Some of the beaches that are best known for their pearly white sand, shockingly blue ocean water, and flourishing greenery include Cozumel, Playa Azul, Playa de Amor, Cancun… the list goes on and on. Or, if you’re looking to hit the waves and hang ten, the Sayulita and Litibu beaches are pretty beginner friendly, which can make them great options for families with newer surfers. If your kids are already experienced, go to some of the world-class, professional surfing locations; the coast of Oaxaca is well-renowned for that exact reason.

Cultural Experiences and Exploration

Beyond the memories you will make as a family, by far the most valuable thing you can get your kids out of a Mexico vacation is another perspective. You’re visiting another country, after all– with its own history, culture, and language! What an incredible opportunity to teach your children some Spanish words and phrases. You can explore any one of the numerous museums, indigenous sites, or natural wonders in order to learn about the Mexican nation’s history. Older kids would no doubt love to be educated on contemporary issues in Mexican society, as well.

A vacation really is just a wonderful opportunity: an opportunity to grow closer as a family, and to enjoy time together that you have worked hard to earn. Mexico is a relatively cheap and exciting option to create those memories! If you want your kids to gain valuable experience and have tons of fun, this is the option for you.

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