Helping Your Child To Get A Great Night’s Sleep


As a dad, it can often be difficult getting to grips with parenting, especially if your partner is breastfeeding. At times, it’s often difficult to know what you can do to help, knowing that your wife HAS to feed your little one and that, more often than not, they’ll fall asleep whilst feeding as well. It can be hard for dads who want to be involved, however don’t worry; as they get a little bigger, things WILL change and even at this early stage, you need to be there for your partner and support her as much as your newborn.


As your son or daughter grows up, however, there’s certainly one thing which all dads can do and that’s get involved with bedtime! Unfortunately, in many cases, bedtimes are easier said than done, however, and all children will go through a stage of struggling to either fall asleep to stay asleep at some point during their first few years. This is completely natural but as new parents (or even veteran’s who’ve been through it all before), it can be hard to know the right approach to take. You hear stories from one person that the best approach is controlled crying (top tip… it’s not) and others that you simply need to get the into a good bedtime routine, however in reality, what works for one set of parents and their child won’t have any effect at all on another.


As such, if you’re struggling to help your child to get a great night’s sleep, who do you turn to? There’s no shame in asking for help from friends and family, however most parents want to have that sense of achievement that they’ve cracked the whole ‘sleep’ thing themselves! There is, believe it or not, such thing as a ‘sleep expert’ who has trained in the magic art of helping children sleep but the downside for many…they’re costly!


With this in mind, when I heard that the UK’s had asked 22 child sleep experts to share their top tips for helping your child sleep, our ears picked up! A great sleep expert can cost a small fortune (something which many simply can’t afford) yet here a whopping 22 (including perhaps the USA’s top sleep expert, Kim West) were offering their advice for absolutely nothing! Awesome!


This advice comes in the form of a very well put together infographic entitled, “Helping Your Child Get A Great Night’s Sleep: 22 Experts Share Their Top Tips” and I’m only more than happy to share this below:

Expert Child Sleep Tips


Whilst sleep tips are nothing new, to find 22 experts sharing theirs all in one place is fantastic and the fact that this is in an easy-to-download or print out format of an infographic makes it even better! There really is a tip for everyone here and even if you’ve tried ten of them, there’s still another 12 you can try out! There really shouldn’t be anyone who can’t get their children to sleep armed with this…it might take some time, but if you persevere and try a few different approaches, you’ll get there eventually and when it does, you’ll be grateful!


Photo courtesy of Jay Ryness on Flickr.

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