Hitting the Open Road: Tips That Can Help Keep Your Teen Safe When They Start Driving


Earning a driver’s license is one of the most important rite of passage for many teens. With this new independence for the teenager, fear often comes for the parents. You can make this transition easier by setting down the expectations and making smart decisions with your teen to help guide their driving experience. Here are three tips that can help to keep your teen driver safe as they hit the open road.

Establish Rules

The first thing that you need to do before your teen gets behind the wheel is to establish some ground rules. Your teen needs to know what the expectations are before they hit the road so that there are no gray areas. Good rules to implement include a ban on all smartphones while driving and no drinking or drug use. It is also important to mandate the use of safety belts at all times. Continually reminding your child to abide by all traffic laws is also important.

Choose the Right Car

You will likely feel pressure from your teen to choose a fast or sporty vehicle. However, this is not the best idea for a new driver. When choosing a car that’s safe for your teen, keep in mind that a bigger vehicle is better. The car should have the highest safety ratings, contain electronic stability control, and have a less powerful engine. If your teen runs into an accident that is not their fault, you should consider consulting professional legal services.

Use a Safe Driving App

There is a fine line between showing your teen driver that you trust them and helping to ensure that they are driving safely. You can help to monitor their driving habits by installing an app on their phone or directly in the vehicle. These monitoring apps help you to harness the power of technology to deliver valuable driving data that your teen can learn from. Knowing that they are being monitored will also make it less likely that your teen will engage in risky behaviors such as speeding.

This is an exciting time for your teenager! However, it is understandable for parents to feel anxious about this transition. Implementing these three pieces of advice will help you to have more peace of mind as your child continues this path toward independence.

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