How to Make Sure Your Kids Have Fun at the Pool

How to Make Sure Your Kids Have Fun at the Pool

The pool is the quintessential summertime fun activity for kids. At least, when they feel like it! A quick accident or a grumpy attitude can ruin the fun quite quickly. Here are some small but meaningful ways to ensure that your kids have fun on your next pool day.

Get in the Water With Them

Kids want to spend time with you! They love and admire their parents. Sometimes, of course, you need to relax – maybe read a book on a deck chair. But make sure you give your kids the time and attention they deserve. Remember, vacation time is a precious commodity for the reason that you can make some wonderful memories with loved ones. So don’t hesitate to jump in with them! Play some pool games or practice some fun dives. Get a water gun, a pool noodle, or some water balloons and have a water war! Throw them head over heels into the pool! As long as you keep safety measures in place, and you make sure not to be too rough, you’re sure to make the kids’ day complete.

Keep Them Safe

It’s important to keep safety in mind because of just how common poolside accidents can be. Nothing ever seems likely to happen until it does – and at best, it ruins the pool day. At worst, it results in a terrible tragedy that could have been avoided easily. Make sure at least one adult is watching the kids at all times. Make sure that nobody runs on the wet concrete. Make sure to keep plenty of pool noodles and other flotation devices nearby. Don’t let the playing get rough! And look out for the much more common nonlethal injuries, too. You should use sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least 30, so the kids can avoid a nasty sunburn.

Share the Fun

Pool time is nice with your parents and siblings – but it’s even better with lots of friends! Have a party with lots of people. Invite cousins, classmates, and neighborhood kids. Have a potluck or a cookout, so the adults and kids alike can enjoy a tasty lunch. If you don’t have a pool yourself, you’ll likely need to schedule a community pool and reserve a certain amount of space. But ultimately, that’s what kids will want the most: to be with other kids and friends of their same age.

As you make your summer plans, just don’t forget to schedule that precious pool time along with all the other classic traditions and vacations. With proper planning, safety, and effort, it can provide the absolute best experience for everybody! When winter rolls around, you’ll wish you could go back.

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