How to Set Boundaries on Appropriate Media Usage for Your Kids

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Kids are voracious media consumers, and, as a parent, you might feel it’s hard to have any control over them. If you’ve noticed your kids glued to screens, now is not the time to throw your hands up in surrender. These are effective means of setting boundaries with your kids and their media usage.


Society’s relationship with media was forever altered with the introduction of the television. A 24/7 entertainment console, it can be hard to pull kids away from the tube, especially with today’s streaming apps. Set a limit for how much television your kids can watch, such as an hour per day. You should also scrutinize what sort of programs they’re watching, as you don’t want them to be watching anything that isn’t age-appropriate. Don’t let your personal tastes play too much of a role; something might not be to your liking but still be okay for your kids to watch.


The free exchange of information makes the internet one of the most exciting but also most unsettling mediums. Your kids can get a lot of great research done, but they can also come in contact with some unsavory people and information. Beehive Broadband stresses that with so much available on the internet, it’s so important to keep your family safe online. You can discuss as a family internet safety, have your children show you what they do online, set parental controls and keep privacy settings for social media accounts on private. Have conversations with them about the importance of internet safety and why they should never give out personal information to anyone. Access to information is wonderful, but it comes with responsibility.

Video Games

Kids love to play videogames, and playing them can be a great form of family bonding. However, attachment to controllers can be hard to wean your kids off of if you aren’t paying enough attention. Like with television, you should set limits for how often they can play and what sort of content is permissible, such as not allowing violent, M-rated games. Pay attention if there are any signs of aggression or other troubling behavior that could be linked to videogames. A healthy bond with media will let your kids grow their minds. Boundaries need to be set for everything, and the earlier your kids learn this, the better they’ll be able to understand it. These media resources can work marvels, but they should be positive ones.

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