Items In Your Home That Should Be Locked Away

Items In Your Home That Should Be Locked Away

Your home is meant to feel like your sanctuary. A realm for you and your family to exist and be safe and protected from the outside world. The home functions as the base of operations for your family’s life. But just because you view your home as a sanctuary doesn’t mean there aren’t dangers present in your home. There are actually a lot of potential harmful items that any responsible homeowner should have. In order to keep your family safe and free from injuries, you should be locking away these three items in your home.


The first items in your home that should be locked away at all times are firearms. While it is every American’s right to own a good should they choose, gun ownership is a major responsibility, and as a gun owner you are responsible for the safety of that gun. Guns in the home are responsible for many life- threatening and fatal accidents in the home and locking up your firearms is a great step towards keeping your home safe. Do not own guns in your home unless you own a safe in which to lock it up.


Another item in your home that you may not think about as needing locked up for safety is your medications. While not every medication that you own is potentially dangerous, there are many medications that can be dangerous to children and infants when they take more than is recommended. Over-the-counter painkillers can help soothe children when used responsibly. But in too high doses, or if your child gets into a bottle and eats many pills, there may be terrible consequences. It is always best to lock away medicine and be safe rather than sorry.

Important Documents and Jewelry

The final things in your home that should almost always be locked away are your important documents and valuable jewelry. While it would be nice to believe that our homes were impenetrable to theft, the truth is that anyone can be a victim of a home robbery. It is smart to keep your valuable documents like passports, birth certificates, and house deeds secure along with your most valuable jewelry so that robbers can’t get at what you care about the most.

Keeping your home safe is about keeping the things in your house safe as well. Make sure that you are locking away your valuables and dangerous items to keep your family safe. If you own any of these three items, you should be locking them up at all times.

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