Problems Kids Are Increasingly Facing Today

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Kids have always had to face significant issues in their lives, but the issues that they face change from generation to generation. The problems your kids are facing are probably pretty different from the ones you had to deal with, though there are also probably many similarities as well. If you want to help your children to feel good and succeed in their lives, it can help to make sure that you know the kinds of issues they are dealing with.


Bullying has been a problem pretty much since the beginning of humankind, but the way that bullying happens has changed a lot, especially in the past decade or so. Recently, cyberbullying has become one of the main ways of bullying that parents have had to be aware of for their kids. Cyberbullying can be more difficult to notice than physical bullying, but it still leaves a mark on the kids who face it. It is a good idea to talk to your kids about the things they consume online and to stay aware of any communications they are having on the internet. That way you can catch cyberbullying early and help your kids to get out of bad situations.

Mental Health Issues

Many kids are having to deal with the additional struggle of mental health issues on top of simply having to handle all the challenges that childhood presents. Mental health has been a lot more in the spotlight recently, so it is a little easier to notice problems if your child is struggling with their mental health than it was in the past. Half of all mental health issues begin by age 14. That means that you need to pay attention to changes in your children’s moods and attitudes so you can catch potential mental health issues.

Attention Issues

If you notice that your child isn’t doing as well in school as you think they could, they may be dealing with an attention issue like ADHD. This kind of neurotype can cause difficulties for kids since school isn’t designed with kids with ADHD in mind. However, attention problems generally come with other positive symptoms as well. It is important to help your child get the support they need so they can flourish in their life. Helping them to address their issues in positive ways will give them important tools for their future.

Your child will face tons of different problems in their lives. But you want to make sure that they know you are there for them and will help them to address any issues they face. When they know you are on their team, they will be much more likely to confide in you when they face a problem.

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