Reasons Why Your Child May Be Struggling in School

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It’s difficult to watch a child suffer in school and not know why it is happening. There are many reasons kids have problems in the classroom, so make sure you don’t overlook a common issue. Here are a few to investigate.

Attention Problems

Your child may want to listen and do what is asked but simply can’t seem to make it happen. This is frustrating for everyone involved, especially your youngster. When this seems to be the case, attention problems may be the culprit. Attention problems can result in kids not following directions. The same children may also be extremely disorganized.

These issues occur for a variety of reasons. For example, according to Fast Forword, kids who aren’t getting enough sleep often have trouble paying attention because they are tired. If there is major stress in a child’s life that they don’t know how to manage, this can lead to their attention being scattered. There are also children who suffer from attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Cases of ADHD or ADD usually require intervention of some sort to help a child learn to focus when they feel as if their brain is fighting against them.


According to Murphy Eye, it’s important to have your child’s eyes checked before they start school because 80 percent of what children learn in school is presented visually. Undetected vision problems can put them at a major disadvantage. Reading can be delayed if a child isn’t able to see well. It’s also likely that anything written on a board will be indistinguishable for a child with vision problems. This can cause them to miss assignments or instructions.

If your child is complaining of headaches or you notice them squinting when trying to see or read, make sure to have their eyes checked. Eye exams should happen every year once a child starts school, but it’s important to pay attention between appointments. There are often signs that a child needs corrective lenses. Once your child can see without a problem, the difficulties in school will likely disappear.


It’s easy to assume that a child who is struggling in school isn’t capable of doing the work. However, it is sometimes the exact opposite. According to Noodle, a child who does not feel challenged in school will grow bored and may not complete tasks they find uninteresting. It’s important to talk to your child and collaborate with their teacher if you think boredom is the problem. Asking the right questions and having your child take some assessments will help reveal whether or not they already know what is being taught and are simply not motivated to listen. Your child may need to be moved to a more advanced class. If that is not possible, then a plan may need to be developed to give them more challenging work in the current class.

Kids struggle in school for a variety of reasons. Don’t give up on finding out what your child needs to succeed. It’s important to find the root cause of their issues so you can help them to do their best.

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