Room for One More: Lifestyle Changes to Keep in Mind as Your Family Grows


Having a large family is an adventure all its own, and it requires planning to make sure you can meet the needs of your expanding group. There are major lifestyle changes that have to take place as your family grows. Here are a few you should consider.


The more kids you have, the more room you will need. It’s true that kids can share rooms, but if you plan on continuing to expand your family, you need to think ahead to how many rooms you’ll truly require for proper space. Buying a larger home is one option. Some couples even opt to buy a large house from the very start since they know they want a lot of kids. It is possible to stay in your current residence if you are willing to add on to your space or turn your garage into a spare room. Getting creative will help you find ways to accommodate every person in the home.


Your car needs to be able to hold the number of children you want to have as well as car seats and booster seats to accommodate the younger ones. When you go on trips, you will want a car with good fuel economy and plenty of space for luggage. If you plan on having a smaller family, take into consideration the benefits of a luxury crossover SUV. It offers style and will easily hold a smaller family comfortably. Larger families may have to buy a larger SUV or a van to have enough room for everyone. It’s possible to trade in a car that your family has outgrown and purchase a larger one.


The more kids you have, the less time you’ll be able to offer each one in individual attention. Of course, your kids also have their siblings for company, and a big family brings boisterous excitement to the home. It’s just important to understand that time alone, time with your partner and time with each child individually will decrease. It can also be more difficult to go out for date nights since finding and paying a sitter to keep a house that is full of kids can be challenging. You will have to find creative ways to carve out time to process and manage the stress of your day.

A growing family is a precious gift. However, it’s important to be practical. Just remember to factor in all the changes that will surely come as your family expands.

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