The Dad’s Guide to PTA Fundraisers


As a dad in the PTA, you have the opportunity to contribute to your school and community in many valuable ways. One of those ways is raising money to help your children create great memories, such as homecoming and graduation events. Unfortunately, fundraising can be a real drag for a lot of parents. Part of the reason is the fatigue of having to sell unnecessary junk to grandparents and neighbors. If you struggle with this, you may also have to deal with the annoyance of seeing your neighbors outselling you and winning prizes. However, fundraising efforts can actually be enjoyable. Here are a few tips to make the whole process much easier.

Ideas You Can Bring to the Table

What do most parents do before the fundraiser brainstorming meeting? They search the internet for the best fundraising projects, and then they all show up with the same six ideas. Instead of recommending a car wash or bake sale, get creative. One idea is a puzzle room game that requires a group of people to solve brainteasers in order to get out of a “locked” room. You could use a puzzle room facility, or you could just have the event at school, using classrooms as the puzzle rooms.

A car smashing fundraiser is a unique and fun idea that will definitely attract the attention of the community. Entrants to the event use tools to smash, crush and generally demolish old cars. Local repair shops or salvage yards may be willing to donate a car in exchange for publicity.

The Art of Negotiating with Other Parents

PTA parents can be competitive, and that’s sometimes a good thing. It takes a really motivated person to pull off the feats of organization and moneymaking expected of a fundraising organization. Do your part to keep tensions to a minimum by using solid communication and negotiation techniques. Give feedback respectfully and try to receive it in the same way. Also, remember that everyone likes appreciation, so give thanks often.

Keep it Simple

You’ll probably need help from lots of parents and teachers to pull off any project. There’s no need to saddle anyone with overly complicated instructions and lists. Try to delegate a few simple steps to everyone involved and keep members’ strengths and weaknesses in mind when assigning tasks. 

With just a little effort and forethought, you can support your child’s education and create a successful fundraising event with fewer headaches than you’d expect. For more tips to help you out with raising and supporting your kids, check out these articles from The Super Daddy:

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