Weather Problems? 5 Indoor Activities to Save the Day!


Mother nature is notorious for being unpredictable, which causes problems when a rain or snow storm keeps the family holed up inside. Creative parents and grandparents know that without serious intervention, they’ll soon hear the dreaded words “I’m bored” coming out of little mouths. Instead of merely turning on a movie or the TV, make this into an opportunity to spend quality time with your kids (something invaluable). With a little ingenuity and preparedness, a stay-in day can turn into a great adventure. Here are five ideas to help make the day a success!

Art Activities

Provided you have a printer capable of it; you can offer your kids a coloring book by downloading coloring pages online. Just print these, and you have an easy activity that may even be cheaper than traditional coloring if you’re making smart use of online resources for cost-effective ink. You’ll want to prepare ahead of time by filling a bin with fun, creative items that stimulate the imagination, such as glitter pens, glue, safe scissors, crayons, colored paper, tape, etc. Later, if your kids enjoyed what they made, you could also have an art show, displaying their pictures for everyone to see, and if you want to make it extra special, provide ribbons and awards for participation. Don’t forget to video record to send to family and friends and for memories.

Bake A Masterpiece

Everyone gets an apron to try their hand at baking, whether it’s cookies, cake or even homemade pizza. Mixing and kneading are messy hands-on activities that will bring plenty of laughs and smiles. Not only is it fun, but it’s an excellent opportunity to teach the young ones about measurements. Don’t forget to let them help with the cleanup, too.

Create Greeting Cards

Bring out the art activity bin and some old magazines to cut up, and your children can make greeting cards using the pictures. They can make stuck inside day cards, happy birthday cards, holiday greetings or even invitations for the next scheduled party!

Dance Party

Crank up the tunes and show the kids how dancing was done before they were born! Let them create new dance moves and have prizes for different categories, such as “Most Creative,” “Funniest,” or “Craziest.” Make sure you have the video running; who knows what new dance move might come out of it!

Jigsaw Puzzles

Clean that centerpiece off the kitchen table and bring out the thousand piece jigsaw puzzle! A giant puzzle can be quite a challenge for smaller children, but with everyone’s participation, it can be fun, especially when it’s completed. What a great achievement! You can glue it to cardboard and display it proudly!


There are so many ways to brighten a child’s day when the weather is not cooperating. Just being attentive and active will make a world of difference in how the day plays out. The key is to be somewhat prepared ahead of time with a secret stash of boredom relievers and sanity savers!




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