What to Do When You Want to Have Kids When You’re Older

What to Do When You Want to Have Kids When You’re Older

Having kids is both very hard and very fulfilling. If you’re in the older, latter half of your life, starting to have kids can be a little more challenging. Whatever the reason you have decided to have kids now, here are a few avenues to explore.

Try Fertility Treatments

There is a wealth of different medical techniques and procedures at hand that you can try. While some are suited for younger people who struggle with fertility, others might be suited for people of older age. Hormone drugs that increase the release of eggs during ovulation is one option. If your issue is related more to internal problems, such as malfunctioning tubes or a buildup of tissue on the ovaries, surgery might be something to consider. There are also ways that doctors can target the egg and mechanically impregnate it with sperm, either within the body (intrauterine insemination) or outside in a lab (in-vitro fertilization). Consult with a fertility specialist so you can know which option will be best for you.

Consider Adoption

Adopting can be a long and difficult process, no doubt – but it’s worth it for those couples that have no fertility option whatsoever, and even just for those who are passionate about providing a home for a child in need. There are many different avenues to choose from when you adopt, but generally, you’re going to need to complete paperwork demonstrating that you are mentally, financially, and physically capable of raising a child. You will need to choose an agency to operate through and probably will need to pay them lots of money. Upon adopting, though, there will be certain financial advantages – you can get a tax credit worth more than $14,000 for adopting a child. Adopting from another country can be more complicated but still possible.

Connect With Children in Your Community

Sometimes, due to money or logistics, you can’t have a child as soon as you want to. But there are many, many children in your local community who desperately need adult guidance and love. Volunteer and connect with your community. Libraries, churches, and schools can be great places to start. Look for opportunities to mentor and connect with kids. There are many great programs that are designed to help kids in need.

Regardless of which option you choose, it’s inevitable that you will be frustrated. Mentoring and parenting kids is devilishly hard, even if you finally succeed. And the path that leads to that point is not going to be easy to get to. But preparing and trying, again and again, will get you as far as one can go.

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