Why You Should Be More Open with Your Kids

Why You Should Be More Open with Your Kids

Being a dad is one of the most challenging and most rewarding experiences a man can have in his life. Raising a child and nurturing them into capable and restful adults brings a pride and joy that is truly incomparable. But being open and honest with your children can be a real struggle for all parents, not just dads. But there are amazing benefits to being open with your children. Here are three reasons why you should be more open with your kids. 

They Know More Than You Think They Do

If you think you can get away with hiding the truth from your kids, you’re wrong. Kids are much smarter and more observant than most adults give them credit for. Children are very sensitive to all sorts of information and observations that mean they often can tell what is going on before you tell them. And even if they don’t know the truth now, they will only grow older, smarter, and more aware and will eventually find out. Just give your kids the credit they deserve and recognize that they are intelligent beyond what you probably think. 

Help Them Adjust to New Information

When you are open and honest with your kids, you help them adjust to new information better, faster, and more appropriately than if you hide the full truth from them. According to On the Move, a major event like a move is easier for children to handle when you give them time to process it. By giving your children the opportunity to process and adjust to major life changes with a full understanding of what is going on, you give them the necessary information and tools to deal with and understand why they are experiencing change. The more your kids know about the things affecting them, the better able they will be to work through them and ask for the changes they need to be successful. 

Builds Trust

If you want your kids to be open with you, and come to you with their problems, questions, concerns, etc. but you don’t treat them with the same openness, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. As NACAC points out, in order to build a relationship of trust and understanding between yourself and your child, you need to start by being open and honest with them. When they see how you treat them with the respect and trust to be told the truth, you will be met with the same in exchange. 

Raising a child is no easy feat. Parenting and being a dad can feel like a constant juggling act, trying to be a protector, provider, lover, play pal, and friend all at the same time. One key aspect to achieving this balance is to be open with your kids. By being more open with your kids, you are laying the foundation for a healthy relationship for years to come.

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