Why Your Child Isn’t Sleeping as Comfortably as They Should Be

Why Your Child Isn’t Sleeping as Comfortably as They Should Be-min

Sleep is an essential aspect of every child’s life, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have trouble sleeping at times. If that’s the case for your child, waiting for the problem to resolve itself will take a lot longer than finding out what is causing them discomfort now. It may be difficult to figure out, but if you know a few common causes you may have a better idea of what is disrupting your child’s sleep.

Lack of a Routine 

Most children will sleep better if they have a regular routine to follow before going to sleep each night. The routine will give them clues that bedtime is coming up and help them to settle down for the night. Healthline says establishing a new sleep routine can be very challenging, but once you have done it, it will help your kids to sleep much more comfortably. Things like reading books, brushing their teeth, and getting into pjs can all be important parts of a bedtime routine.

Teeth Issues 

If your children are having a problem with their teeth, it can often hurt their sleep at night. There are many teeth-related issues that children can experience. Tooth pain or teeth grinding are some of the most common. According to Maccaro Pediatric Dentistry, teeth grinding can be caused by stress or by teeth alignment issues. Either way, it is worth talking to your dentist so you can help your child to have more comfortable sleep and not damage their teeth with excessive grinding or letting a problem progress.

Screen Time Close to Bedtime

Screens can be an easy way to keep your kids occupied, but before bed they get pretty problematic. That’s because the blue light that screens give off can actually prevent your child’s brain from realizing it is time for sleep. According to Harvard Health Publishing, it’s important to make sure that your children don’t have access to screens right before bed so they can get the sleep they need. Make putting away screens one of the first parts of your bedtime routine so your children will get used to getting ready for bed without screens around.

Getting enough sleep is essential for both you and your child. If you suspect that your children aren’t sleeping as well as they could be, it is worth taking some time to identify the problem. Then you can both get back to getting enough sleep to feel good each morning!

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