Working Out: My Top 5 Early Benefits

Working Out: Top 5 Early Benefits

Working Out Week 3 is down!

I can’t believe it’s been three weeks already! Honestly this whole working out thing has flown by so far. It’s become part of my life. Strangely enough, it’s part of my life that I actually enjoy! Crazy right? If you had told me before I started my workouts that I would be going to the gym multiple times per week, enjoying it and looking forward to my workout sessions I would have laughed right in your face, saying things like “What are you crazy?”, “Working out is for the birds!”, and “The only shape I need to be is round.” But boy has my perspective on working out flipped.

Early Benefits of Working Out

Working out can do a lot for you physically, emotionally and mentally. Without further ado, here are my top 5 early benefits of working out, based on my experience.

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1. Working Out Builds Muscle

Ok, duh. But come on, it’s an undeniable benefit of working out… plus it gives me a chance to tell you a little more about my workout journey.

Working Out: Top 5 Early BenefitsAt the beginning of this four-week workout routine, we decided I wouldn’t weigh in until the end and see where we are. Honestly, I haven’t been able to do that. I’ve weighed myself a few times over the weeks, wanting to see the results from working out. I shouldn’t have. So far, I’ve lost maybe a pound or two. It fully depends on the day, time, etc. This basically means I haven’t really lost anything from all my working out. Not going to lie, that’s kind of depressing. But at the same time, I haven’t really been dieting. I’ve cut back here and there and drinking a lot more water, but that’s about it.

I’ve decided that since muscle weighs more than fat, that I’m not losing weight because I’m gaining muscle. The level to which this holds true is unknown, but it keeps be motivated. I know working out has built my muscle because certain exercises that used to be super difficult or really get me out of breath just don’t anymore. Working out is still difficult of course and we’re still pushing, but I definitely see progress in muscle strength. BOOYAH!

2. Working Out Improves Posture

So here’s one I didn’t expect. I don’t think I’ve ever had especially bad posture. I mean, I’m no Marine but I’m no slouch either. From time to time I notice that my shoulders creep in and my back hurts. So I push my shoulders back, stretch, and it’s all good again. I guess that’s one of the hazards of working at a computer for a living. Since I started working out, I’ve noticed a sharp decline in the number of times this has happened. I feel like I stand up straighter and have less shoulder & back pain (aside from the expected muscle soreness from working out, that is).

3. Working Out Improves StaminaWorking Out: Top 5 Early Benefits

Where I currently live, my bedroom is on the third floor. I dreaded that trip up and down the stairs every time I had to do it. To make matters worse, the bathroom is on the second floor. That means lots and lots of stairs. Embarrassingly, I used to get winded going all the way to the third floor and at times even when taking a single flight of stairs. Since working out, stairs have not been an issue (with the major exception of week one since we did so much leg exercise I could barely feel my legs for an entire week).

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I barely feel the steps at all anymore most of the time. I take them with speed without worrying “oh no, I’m going to have to catch my breath for 10 minutes if I rush up the stairs”. It’s been a truly great feeling, even though all of you in-shape people probably think I’m a bit crazy. That’s fine. I know who I am and who I am is someone who’s overweight and out of shape, but working on it.

This past week we did a lot of exercises we’d done previously, but with little-to-know resting in between. Aki gave me 30 seconds to a couple of minutes between the same sort of exercises in week one. This time it was 30 seconds or less, usually less (evil taskmaster that he is!). To my surprise I found that I was able to handle it and actually ended less winded than in previous weeks! My stamina is definitely improving and I couldn’t be happier.

4. Working Out Improves Mood

Working out raises my mood when I’m at the gym, when I get home and throughout the rest of my week. Did you know that working out releases endorphins? Those are the hormones that make you happy. It’s a free dose of happy that your body makes automatically. Cool, right? Between these happy hormones and feel better physically due to the other points in this list, it’s no wonder my overall mood has improved! Try it for yourself.

Important note: Not everyone feels this way, especially at the beginning. Stick with it! I noticed a change in week two of working out

5. Working Out Improves Overall Health

In my time working out, I’ve noticed these improvements and more. Working out has helped my cardiovascular health as well. On my very first day at the gym, we did some exercises working outWorking Out: Top 5 Early Benefits my core and legs, then did the treadmill. I checked my heart rate while walking on the treadmill and it was reading out at a pretty constant 175-185 bpm. That’s not a bad heart rate for working out I think, but from what we had done that day, not so good. Now I have high blood pressure and I’m overweight, so I wasn’t really surprised.

This past week, we did some actual cardio on the exercise bike and treadmill. It was nothing too crazy, but more than previous sessions. I checked my heart rate to find it was down in the 150-160 bmp range! Working out is already improving my heart health too!

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I’m excited to see what else is in store as a push on in this journey. So far, so good.

What about you? Are you working out? What are your favorite workout benefits? I look forward to hearing from you.

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