Standing Desk: Why and Which One?


Why did I get a standing desk? Well I’ve been trying to find ways to improve my life across the board – physically, spiritually, emotionally, you name it. I want to live up to my full potential, love every day, love myself thoroughly and give the best version of myself to my family. I’ve made quite a few changes to that end so far this year, which I’ll be telling you about in blog near you (that means here, so please subscribe!).

A standing desk nicely fits into my lifestyle and improves my health. That’s a win-win!

A Little Background

What I want to talk about today is one of the things that, as recently as last year, I never thought I would do. I’ve been trying to find healthy habits that fit my lifestyle which includes spending time with and caring for my family of four and working from home every day (even pre-quarantine I might add!). One important element in all of the changes I’ve been making is that they are incremental, or at least can easily start that way. There’s a trend in our society to want to change everything all at once and push yourself. That’s a cool idea in theory, but leads quickly to burn out, reverting to old habits and yo-yo dieting. No thanks.

There are plenty of articles espousing the benefits of standing more, rather than sitting all day, which is not only one of my favorite pastimes but an integral part of the type of work I do as a software developer – or so I thought.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “standing desks have been around for years! You’re late to the trend”

OK stop. When the trend came about I balked at it, because why stand when I can sit? I have a very comfortable office chair and couch after all. Between those two, I can sit all day in comfort!

Standing Desk Benefits

As I’ve been trying to find small changes to benefit my health, standing desks kept coming up as a solid option. Not only does it require zero extra time investment, but the benefits are plentiful.

Here are a few of the benefits I found in my research and from my experience:

Burn more calories

The research seems to be a bit mixed on this one. Yes, it will burn more calories. That’s a given simply because you use more muscles by standing than sitting. What’s not clear is how many extra calories you actually burn. I’ve seen everything from an extra 10 calories/hour to over 100. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle and highly dependent on your body type, etc.

Lower Risk of Obesity

This is basically an extension of the first benefit, since it works by burning more calories.

According to the technical definition, I’m already obese. There, I said it. It’s on the internet forever now. I definitely don’t feel like I can possibly be in that category. Overweight, sure. Obese? For now, I’m working on it with the help of my standing desk!

Less Back Pain

As someone who has had back pain most of my life, I can attest that this is very true! As I mentioned above, I have a great office chair from Noblechairs that has helped a ton, but sitting all day still works against me. I’ve noticed that standing more has helped get my back into alignment and I’ve had a lot less daily back pain. This reduction in back pain has lead me to move more, do more and feel better overall!

More Energy

There’s something about being more active that boosts overall energy – counterintuitive as that seems. Being on my feet more has gotten me moving more, which is both a result and reason for my increased energy lately. Standing (and since I’m already standing, walking around, squats and other random activity throughout my day) keeps the blood moving and sedentary soreness from creeping in. That old Law of Motion that “a body at rest will remain at rest” is definitely true. Now that I’m moving more, I get to take advantage of the other law: “a body in motion stays in motion”. Pretty cool stuff!

Increased Productivity

Something about standing at my desk makes me less likely to waste time. I’m not standing here to look at Facebook or read a random blog post. I’m standing to work. When the blood is flowing, my creativity and energy are up, which lead me to get more work done.

Longer Life

Since sitting too much can lead to heart disease, obesity and other horrible things that it would be better to avoid, standing more can increase your life span. That’s enough reason to stand more all by itself I think. I want to be hear as long as I can to care for my family and do the work laid out for me.

I Bought a Standing Desk

So I finally bought one. Well, not a standing desk exactly, but a standing desk converter. You see I have recently obtained a large solid wood desk that can fit my multiple monitors and handle all of my workflows easily. This thing is a beast! At 76 inches across and almost three feet deep, I finally have the work space I need. I’m not about to give that up and spend thousands on a standing desk!

Standing Desk Converter

After doing some research and deciding I wanted to stand more but not give up my current desk, I bought a standing desk converter. Basically a standing desk converter is a platform that sits on top of an existing desk and can then be raised and lowered. Pretty cool idea really. It’s a perfect example of seeing a hole in a trend and solving it for the thrifty consumer.

Enter AnthroDesk!

AnthroDesk Standing Desk Converter Review

I got the AnthroDesk extra wide standing desk converter on Amazon for much less than I would have paid for a full standing desk, or even some competing converters!


  • Super easy to assemble! Literally just 4 screws – the rest is already assembled!
  • Raises and lowers with ease! You definitely have to pull up, but the mechanism takes a lot of the load off
  • Very sturdy! I have two large monitors on it and there is barely any wobble at all, and even that is only if I actively try to. Under normal typing conditions I don’t notice any wobbling at all
  • Lots of space on top – room for two monitors, my KVM switch and still have a ton of space I can use for writing or other quick-access items I may need on my desktop
  • Black, not glass. I just got rid of an all glass desk in favor of the wood one you see in the picture. The black allows it to blend easily and become part of the background, rather than exposing cables and mess that may or may not be behind your desk
  • Pretty minimal lift to the monitors when you put it down in non-standing mode. In fact it actually makes my monitors a better height for me than they were


  • The shape of the keyboard and mouse area makes my mouse pad fall of the edges a little bit if I don’t turn it sideways
  • The slot for propping up a cellphone is too small for my phone with a case on it. To be fair though, it’s a wallet case so it’s pretty thick and I can force it, just too tight to be useful for me
  • The plastic liners in the handles feel cheap and don’t seem to sit quite right.. Over time I would expect these to come out or break
  • Not wide enough to lift my speakers and laptop with it, but to be fair all of my stuff barely fits on a 76″ desk. This is probably the limit a desk conversion system should be anyways

Overall, I’m very happy to have this standing desk converter and will continue integrating standing into my daily routine rather than sitting at my desk 9-12 hours/day!


Check out the AnthroDesk 37.4″ Standing Desk Converter, Move from Sitting to Standing with Gas Spring Assisted Lift (Black, 37.4″ Wide) on Amazon. You won’t regret!

Do you have experience with a standing desk or standing desk converter? Let me know what you think and how it’s effected your life!

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