The “I’m A Super Dad” Starter Kit

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The “Super Dad,” the man, the myth, the legend, he brings something extra to the table. He’s unique, he’s equipped, and he’s ready for action. What exactly makes a father a super though? Well, first and foremost, it’s his attention, dedication, and love for his children. Aside from that, it’s the tools in his arsenal, of course! All Super Dads have their trusty go-to items, which help them achieve and maintain their super status, and all of their “I’m a Super Dad” Starter Kits have included a variety of helpful aids.


For starters, no father should be without a “#1 Dad” mug, a portable toolbox, and work gloves. Super Dads need to stay hydrated and always prepared for toy assembly or repair.


A tech gadget, such as a tablet, for writing down fun ideas, for brainstorming, for polling dad friends on social media, for conducting online research, and for keeping track of schedules is a must-have these days. A baby backpack is also helpful with organizing various clothes, toys, or snacks you need to have on hand. Keeping a designated compartment in the car for snacks, first aid items, and other basics is a real “Super Dad” thing to do.


BBQ/grilling gear, fishing poles and tackle, gardening/harvesting tools, mushroom hunting necessities, and a reference book of edible plants for hiking adventures are all great teaching tools for children and excellent opportunities for quality time spent together.


Break out the Super Dad portable toolbox, because crafts are always fun. Building assembly kits, such as wooden toolboxes and birdhouses, are perfect for bonding with children and wonderful ways for them to learn new skills from dad. A baby seat for dad’s bike is often a big hit, as well.

Whether you’re a new dad, a veteran dad, or soon-to-be dad, just being or getting involved with your children, passing your skills onto them, and making memories is the best gift that you could ever give. Fathers play a crucial role in the welfare and healthy development of children, and involved fathers offer benefits to their children that no one else can likely provide. So, jump on it, be silly, have fun, and love those babies like no one else can. If you’re looking to read up more on dad tips, be sure to check out the rest of the articles on the blog.


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