Week Two: I’m starting to get the hang of this!


Rough Start

Week one was rough! My first day at the gym was leg day. Both sessions that week really tore me apart. Afterwards I was exhausted and weak. For the rest of the week I could barely walk. I struggled to take the stairs. All I wanted to do was sit or lay down. But I went to the second day anyways. I’m not going to let a little pain and total loss of leg control hold me back! Never!

Week Two Started with a Bang

Not even an hour before I needed to leave for the gym, I did something really stupid. Apparently the leg control wasn’t totally back (at least I really want to blame leg day still!) and I banged my pinky toe into a wooden Cornhole board. The board had been there for weeks! No excuse to not remember and avoid it right?

Oh man oh man did that hurt! I’m about 90% sure I at least fractured it. But I’m not going to let that stop me! That’s the Super mindset. No pain, no trial, no difficulty is going to hold me back. So I went anyways. I’ll admit, I did ask that we not do leg stuff that day. But hey, my abs and my arms need work too! So that’s what we did.

Something Amazing Happened

This session was harder than the previous week but when I got home, I wasn’t exhausted. I was sore and a bit tired, but content. I was starting to hit my stride. Maybe this whole working out thing won’t be torture after all!

The next day I was very sore and my muscles were tight. I found myself pretty constantly stretching. But no loss of muscle control, no insane muscle weakness. Hmm maybe this is how working out is meant to be.

I’ve noticed as time wears on my posture is getting better, my clothes are fitting just a little bit better and I’m already having more energy day-to-day.

Uh oh I Might Be Addicted

Workout number two for week two was great! I found myself actively enjoying my work out and not hating my physique the whole time. That’s huge! I came home and told my wife that I finally get it. I finally get why people love the gym. I’ve worked out before and never have I ever felt like this. I’m not 100% what the cause is. I guess it’s in part because I’m feeling more in shape already (yes I know it’s not much yet, but I FEEL better) and part because it’s time to be my own man and not think about responsibilities or work or having the kids constantly pulling on me. Maybe it’s because I’m getting some bro time with Aki too. Whatever the breakdown of reasons, I’m not hating it. This feeling is strengthening my resolve to stick with it!

Tomorrow I’m back at it again and I’m eager to keep the momentum going! Going into week three of our first four-week session and I’m loving it and more dedicated than ever. The grind never stops.

What about you?

Are you working to be more physically super? What are you doing in your workout and how is going? Did you hit a turning point? I’d love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments.

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I’m 33 weeks pregnant and semi high risk, so all I can do is yoga right now. Your blog is making me anxious to get back in the gym though. The feeling you get after a great workout is the best!

Briana Tremblay

I finally got back in the gym after having little man so I can totally relate.

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