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Baby’s First Steps: What to Keep in Mind When Your Little One Is Learning to Walk

Learning to Walk

As your little one begins to walk, you are likely to experience a wide range of emotions. Pride, excitement and an overwhelming sense that time is passing too quickly are all common emotions experienced by parents, especially first-timers. Here are a few things to keep in mind while your little one is learning to walk […]

What to Keep in Mind When Bringing Home Baby From the Hospital


Becoming a parent is a big deal, and it’s important to know all you can before the baby arrives. The first few days of a child’s life hold many transitions for your family, and it’s good to know what to expect while you are getting the hang of the parenting gig. Here are a few […]

What Dads Should Know About Getting Their Kids into Sports

Playing Soccer

The world of youth sports is a lot different than it was when you were growing up. An increase in sports specialization and higher levels of competition at younger ages have changed the landscape of this childhood rite of passage. Here is everything that dads need to know about getting their children involved in youth […]

How to Prepare to Be a First-Time Dad

Dad with baby on the bed. Father kissing his little

Becoming a dad for the first time is an awe-inspiring time in a man’s life. However, with all of the excitement also comes a host of anxiety as the reality of the new responsibility begins to set in. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take now to help prepare you for the challenge of […]

The 3 Keys of an Amazing Pool Party

Young woman on summer pool party in swimming pool drinkig lemonade

One of the best ways to celebrate the summer season and spend time with friends and family members is to host a pool party. Pool parties are relaxing and are a great way to spend time outdoors while soaking up the sun. When you’re ready to begin planning the event, there are a few keys […]

The Dad’s Guide to PTA Fundraisers


As a dad in the PTA, you have the opportunity to contribute to your school and community in many valuable ways. One of those ways is raising money to help your children create great memories, such as homecoming and graduation events. Unfortunately, fundraising can be a real drag for a lot of parents. Part of […]

The Dad’s Guide to Surviving a Disney Vacation

Mickey Mouse

A family trip to Disneyland will be a wonderful vacation that you’ll remember for years to come. That doesn’t mean, however, that everything will come together into the perfect day without some planning and effort. While there are a number of basic tips that everyone should follow, here’s a dad’s guide on how to maintain […]

3 Tips for Building Rapport with Your Teen

Family Picture

Being a parent is tricky in general, but it can be especially tough when your child becomes a teenager. This is a time of burgeoning self-identity and lots of stress. You not only need to parent your teen, but you also need to show them that you understand and can relate to them. To make […]

Keep Your Ears & Eyes Open for Warning Signs of Medicine Abuse

Stop Medicine Abuse

Some teens are consuming up to 25 times the recommended dosage of cough medicine containing the active ingredient dextromethorphan (DXM) to get high. You may be thinking, “not my teen,” but the reality is that one in four teens knows someone who has abused DXM to get high and one in 30 teens has abused DXM themselves.  Teens may […]

How to Plan a Perfect Family Vacation to Disney World


A trip to Disney World is a rite of passage for many families. As the king of all theme parks, this Orlando resort boasts four distinct amusement parks, two water parks, and a host of hotel lodging accommodations designed to suit any taste and budget. With all of the things to do and see, it […]