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Standing Desk: Why and Which One?


Why did I get a standing desk? Well I’ve been trying to find ways to improve my life across the board – physically, spiritually, emotionally, you name it. I want to live up to my full potential, love every day, love myself thoroughly and give the best version of myself to my family. I’ve made […]

The 3 Keys of an Amazing Pool Party

Young woman on summer pool party in swimming pool drinkig lemonade

One of the best ways to celebrate the summer season and spend time with friends and family members is to host a pool party. Pool parties are relaxing and are a great way to spend time outdoors while soaking up the sun. When you’re ready to begin planning the event, there are a few keys […]

How to Be the Father Your Kids Deserve

Father and Older Child

As a father, you want to be the best parent possible. After all, your kids deserve the best of everything. But being the best dad possible is a tall order to fill. Children need many things, and it’s not just material goods that matter. Giving love and support, guidance, and being a good role model […]

The “I’m A Super Dad” Starter Kit

hoosier dental 1

Featured image credit:¬†Calallen Dental The “Super Dad,” the man, the myth, the legend, he brings something extra to the table. He’s unique, he’s equipped, and he’s ready for action. What exactly makes a father a super though? Well, first and foremost, it’s his attention, dedication, and love for his children. Aside from that, it’s the […]

Working Out: My Top 5 Early Benefits

Working Out: Top 5 Early Benefits

Working Out Week 3 is down! I can’t believe it’s been three weeks already! Honestly this whole working out thing has flown by so far. It’s become part of my life. Strangely enough, it’s part of my life that I actually enjoy! Crazy right? If you had told me before I started my workouts that […]

Week Two: I’m starting to get the hang of this!


Rough Start Week one was rough! My first day at the gym was leg day. Both sessions that week really tore me apart. Afterwards I was exhausted and weak. For the rest of the week I could barely walk. I struggled to take the stairs. All I wanted to do was sit or lay down. […]

The Transformation Begins

Working out with The Super Daddy

Working Out Everyone’s favorite thing is working out, right? Right? Anybody? Yeah. Let’s exert all this effort pushing, pulling and running but not actually accomplish anything productive like building something or running away from the bad guys. Sounds like a great plan doesn’t it? This has pretty much been my outlook on working out for […]