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How to Improve Your Child’s Speech Issues

Caring worried african american mother holding hand of sad little mixed race daughter talking giving support and comfort, black mom foster parent consoling small kid being bullied sit on bed at home

There are many challenges that come with raising your kids, and speech issues are one of the issues that tend to stick with parents as their children grow. Speech issues are a normal part of learning language, and there is no shame in getting help to make sure your child can speak clearly and understandably. […]

How to Connect With Your Kids Through Fun Activities


As a father, developing a connection with your children is very important. Having strong familial bonds is important to their development, but this connection will also be important later on in life. As your children grow, take time to connect with them through activities you’ll both enjoy. Start New Hobbies With Them One of the […]

How to Help Your Child Feel Confident When They’re Struggling in School


Going to school can be one of the best times in a child’s life, but also the most stressful. As a parent, you want your child to not only do well in school academically but socially as well. Here are a few ways that you can help your child be confident when it comes to […]

There is No Such Thing as a Bad Dog — Just Bad Training


If you’re a dog owner or are considering adopting a dog, you’ve probably heard your share of advice concerning “bad” breeds. The truth is, no breed of dog is inherently evil, but some are inclined towards behaviors that require strong and early training if the dog is to function comfortably in polite society. Here’s the […]

Keeping Safe and Having Fun on Trampolines

joyous jumping

Trampolines are great fun to bounce on until someone gets hurt. But before you ban all trampoline games and activities, establishing safe games to play and informing yourself on some trampoline safety will prevent injuries and increase the overall entertainment and fun for you and your child. Best Games to Play According to Vuly, there […]

What Should Dads Know About Back to School?

Middle aged black dad helping his teen kids with homework, low angle, close up

Fall is here, and kids have headed back to school. While in many respects a kid’s school obligations remain the same as they always have been, they’re very different in some ways. Often, both parents work. This means that dads must take on a larger role than ever in their kids’ school lives. If you’re […]

FIREd: Debt – Begin With the End in Mind


BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND A personal note on debt…  Recently, I have had a lot of discussion with several peers on debt. I am not a debt expert, thankfully, because I never had a taste for it. When I signed up to go to medical school, I looked into every avenue possible to […]

FIREd: The Must Know Info for 2019


FIREd: The Must Know Info for 2019 2018-2025 will go down as a unique set of years in our fiscal lives. I feel safe saying that economically these will be the best financial years of our lives because the tax breaks you are now seeing in your 2018 tax filings have an expiration date! There […]

How Often Should You Clean Child Car Seats?

Toddler in Car Seat

Your child should be placed in the appropriate car seat each and every time you get in to the car, no matter what. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has set forth the following guidelines for children and the types of car seats they should be using: The NHTSA advises that children remain in […]

The Ketchup Date

Alone time with your kids | Ketchup Date

Alone Time with Kids is Important As a parent, it is of vital importance that we spend quality time with our kids, one-on-one. Spending that alone time with our kids is one of the keys to raising well-rounded and well-equipped children. This parent-kid date is beneficial to both sides. Spending that quality time with your […]