The Dad’s Guide to PTA Fundraisers


As a dad in the PTA, you have the opportunity to contribute to your school and community in many valuable ways. One of those ways is raising money to help your children create great memories, such as homecoming and graduation events. Unfortunately, fundraising can be a real drag for a lot of parents. Part of […]

3 Summer Superdad Activities That the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Rugby Ball

The summer season is when most kids get more time with their dad as they enjoy having a break from school. For fathers, it can be challenging to know which activities to perform to ensure that the whole family is included and can create new memories together. Here are a few super dad activities that […]

4 Ways to Make Raising Children More Affordable

Playing with Dad

There is no way to escape the fact that raising children is expensive. However, it does not have to be an unbearable financial burden as many of the things that you think are required can be navigated differently. Below are some ways that you can make child rearing more affordable. Be Really Picky About Toys […]

3 Ways to Develop Your Child’s Imagination with Boxes

Kids in a Box

The quality of imagination is something that no child should be without. You might think that your child being imaginative requires you buying all sorts of expensive electronics. To the contrary, imagination can be unleashed at little to no cost with a device you probably have at least one of in your home already. Use […]

The Dad’s Guide to Surviving a Disney Vacation

Mickey Mouse

A family trip to Disneyland will be a wonderful vacation that you’ll remember for years to come. That doesn’t mean, however, that everything will come together into the perfect day without some planning and effort. While there are a number of basic tips that everyone should follow, here’s a dad’s guide on how to maintain […]

3 Tips for Building Rapport with Your Teen

Family Picture

Being a parent is tricky in general, but it can be especially tough when your child becomes a teenager. This is a time of burgeoning self-identity and lots of stress. You not only need to parent your teen, but you also need to show them that you understand and can relate to them. To make […]

FIREd: Debt – Begin With the End in Mind


BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND A personal note on debt…  Recently, I have had a lot of discussion with several peers on debt. I am not a debt expert, thankfully, because I never had a taste for it. When I signed up to go to medical school, I looked into every avenue possible to […]

FIREd: The Must Know Info for 2019


FIREd: The Must Know Info for 2019 2018-2025 will go down as a unique set of years in our fiscal lives. I feel safe saying that economically these will be the best financial years of our lives because the tax breaks you are now seeing in your 2018 tax filings have an expiration date! There […]

Keep Your Ears & Eyes Open for Warning Signs of Medicine Abuse

Stop Medicine Abuse

Some teens are consuming up to 25 times the recommended dosage of cough medicine containing the active ingredient dextromethorphan (DXM) to get high. You may be thinking, “not my teen,” but the reality is that one in four teens knows someone who has abused DXM to get high and one in 30 teens has abused DXM themselves.  Teens may […]

How to Be the Father Your Kids Deserve

Father and Older Child

As a father, you want to be the best parent possible. After all, your kids deserve the best of everything. But being the best dad possible is a tall order to fill. Children need many things, and it’s not just material goods that matter. Giving love and support, guidance, and being a good role model […]