Giving Your Truck Some TLC: What to Know


Your truck may be a working vehicle, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be both clean and useful. Keeping your truck in good shape will require attention on a daily basis, as well as some detailed TLC every couple of weeks. Don’t let any messes pile up in the cab or bed. Daily and Weekly […]

What You Can Do With Your Teens During the COVID-19 Outbreak to Keep Them Busy


When it comes to the COVID-19 outbreak, teens can be the most affected by the stay-at-home orders. For many, their entire lives revolve around socializing with their friends at school or playing on sports teams. Being unable to hang out with their friends can be very frustrating for them. It can also cause problems for […]

Standing Desk: Why and Which One?


Why did I get a standing desk? Well I’ve been trying to find ways to improve my life across the board – physically, spiritually, emotionally, you name it. I want to live up to my full potential, love every day, love myself thoroughly and give the best version of myself to my family. I’ve made […]

3 Tricks Dads Can Use to Help Their Child Love School


Some kids love school from the first day and beyond. Others have a harder time enjoying the experience and struggle a little bit. Fortunately, dads can have a big impact on how a child feels about school. Here are a few ways to work your magic in your child’s life. Look Into Extracurricular Activities For […]

How to Prepare Financially for Fatherhood


Finding out that you are going to become a father is a momentous occasion. While you may have visions of taking your son out to the ballpark or your daughter to her first dance recital, you also need to plan on how you are going to handle the finances that come with this new responsibility. […]

How to Create the Ideal Backyard for Your Kids


You can be a hero dad to your kids by creating an amazing backyard for them to enjoy. Outdoor play is critical to a child’s physical and emotional development. In addition to making your yard fun and exciting, you also need to make it safe for kids of all ages. Here are three ways that […]

What Dads Can Do to Protect Their Children From Pests


Children need to be able to depend on their fathers. For safety and protection, dads are crucial. And we know that all dads want what is best for their children. So, when it comes to pests, there are a few steps that dads can take to keep their kids safe from harm. Know What You’re […]

Hitting the Open Road: Tips That Can Help Keep Your Teen Safe When They Start Driving


Earning a driver’s license is one of the most important rite of passage for many teens. With this new independence for the teenager, fear often comes for the parents. You can make this transition easier by setting down the expectations and making smart decisions with your teen to help guide their driving experience. Here are […]

4 Technology Tricks to Help Protect Your Children


Technology has brought many great and significant advances into the modern world, including the internet and smartphone devices. However, if you have children, the internet can sometimes feel scary and daunting, especially in areas that are familiar to you. Using a few technology tricks, learn how to protect your children each and every time they […]

How to Make Sure Your Work Life Doesn’t Keep You From Being a Super Dad

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One of the keys to being a great dad is being able to successfully balance the demands of your work life and your personal life so that you have enough time to devote to your family. This is certainly easier said than done. Here are three ways that you can ensure that your work life […]