3 Ways to Develop Your Child’s Imagination with Boxes

Kids in a Box

The quality of imagination is something that no child should be without. You might think that your child being imaginative requires you buying all sorts of expensive electronics. To the contrary, imagination can be unleashed at little to no cost with a device you probably have at least one of in your home already. Use these tips to do wonders for your child’s imagination, all with boxes.

Puppet Theater

You might not have the funds for a Broadway play, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the theater into your home. A makeshift puppet theater can be made with a large enough cardboard box. You will need a box large enough for your child to kneel in without being seen. Depending on the size of your child and how many boxes you will be using, moving boxes and appliance boxes are generally best for this craft. You can also help them make puppets, be they finger puppets, sock puppets, or something else, using arts and crafts supplies. Help your child to develop a puppet show that will enthrall your household.


Hardly anything stimulates the imagination for anyone, young or old, like the idea of going into space. Turn a cardboard face up, and it’s the perfect pretend spacecraft. You and your child can let your imaginations run wild, adding things like wings and all kinds of cool decals. This could help develop an interest in space travel that your child carries into adulthood.


Your child can learn all about the wonders of money and the benefits of saving through using a cardboard box. Help them to make a special bank using something small, like a shoebox. To make it fun, decorate it with things like wrapping paper and write something like “First Bank of [Your Child]” on it. To help them with saving money, make an agreement on when they can withdraw funds and how much. You can also help them by asking them what they would be able to buy if they saved their money for a certain period of time. This will allow them to better understand the value of holding onto money.

What you might see as a piece of corrugated cardboard, your child can see as an absolute wonderland that gives them all sorts of opportunities to express themselves. Remember to let your inner child out a bit as well and play with your kid. This can be a wonderful bonding experience and a reminder of just how important imagination is.

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