Better Ways to Handle Back Pain on Your Own


In many cases, it’s not until you injure a body part that you realize its presence. When a person has a terrible toothache, that one tooth can seemingly consume a person’s entire existence. It’s all they can think about. It’s the same with back pain, only that these types of injuries can put you out of work for weeks on end, or even paralyze you. If you’re currently experiencing the effects of back pain, know that it doesn’t have to last forever. While you might get tempted to handle back pain by taking some pain relievers and finding a permanent spot on the sofa, there are better ways to manage back pain.

1. See a chiropractor

While you may want to manage the pain all on your own, consider just a quick visit to a chiropractor. They’ll be able to accurately assess the amount of pain and determine how long your recovery period will be. They’ll also recommend specific treatments, sometimes designed specifically for you, and administer them. It may also be smart to check your insurance to see if they’ll cover your for whatever accident or incident that caused this. Though unfortunately, according to Craig Swapp and Associates, insurance companies probably won’t be keen on covering you.

2. Practice yoga and stretches

Become intentional about practicing yoga as it has a lot of restorative properties to it. When you’re dealing with any pain, it’s best to take advantage of a gentler version of yoga. Instead of visiting a power yoga session or an aerial yoga class, try a yin (gentle) yoga class. Yin yoga has moves that are considerate to those with injuries and are looking to experience healing.

3. Try alternative remedies

While there are a number of different remedies that you’re probably familiar with due to their prevalence in Western society, there are a number of other physical therapy methods for helping you cure your back pain. These include acupuncture, dry needling, cupping, hypnosis, and more. While some may see these ideas as experimental or unrealistic, a number of patients have found them effective at curing musculoskeletal pain of every variety. If other methods aren’t curing your pain, don’t rule these out.

4. Do hot and cold treatments

Hot and cold treatments are therapeutic for temporarily relieving the pain. Consider taking care of your health from a holistic standpoint. For hot and cold treatments, it’s beneficial to have someone who can help. Start by using a heating pad on your back or a neck wrap for a few minutes. Then, switch to a cold compress for a few minutes. The shock might be a bit of an adjustment. However, hot and cold treatments will help to reduce inflammation and administer relief to your musculoskeletal system. Get the approval of your doctor doing it.

5. Take supplements

It’s wise to approach the health of your back from internal and external approaches. From an internal standpoint, it’s a smart idea to take supplements. For example, according to Kats Botanicalssupplementing with turmeric is helpful for inflammation due to a compound called curcumin, which is known for its strong anti-inflammatory characteristics. When there’s a level of pain, there’s usually a semblance of inflammation. Herbs like willow bark and vitamins like bromelain are also great to consume because of their anti-inflammatory properties.

While it might feel like the pain in your back won’t go away, there’s nothing like making it through the recovery period. After this type of injury, you’ll cherish your health differently. When you’re able to bend down and pick something up with howling in pain, you’ll develop a different sense of gratitude.

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