Buying a Motorcycle? Keep it Like-New with These 5 Tools


Because motorcycles are driven on different terrains in a variety of environments, some components can develop problems that eventually start to affect performance. In order to boost motorcycle safety, a bike must have optimum mechanical hardware, and you can keep every mechanical element on a motorcycle in peak condition by investing in these five practical tools.

Air Compressor

An air compressor can inflate your motorcycle tires, which is important because proper tire pressure plays a big role in steering and traction on the road. If you’re going to take your motorcycle on a long road trip, make sure you invest in a portable compressor to refill your tires if you end up in trouble in the middle of nowhere. Keep a tire pressure checker on hand as well so you don’t accidentally over- or under-inflate your tires.

Socket Set

Socket sets contain a variety of pieces that can help you tackle engine tune-ups, tire replacement routines, and hardware upgrade projects. Since a socket set is bulky, you’ll have to keep it at home. However, it may be a good idea to invest in a small portable set that you have assembled specifically for your bike that you can carry with you when you travel.

Brake Bleeder

Brake bleeder products are very important because they can enhance how a braking system operates on the road. When air accesses a brake system, various brake line problems can occur, such as brake drag or decreased gas mileage. If a brake has a severe problem, the pedal will develop spongy effects that can impact how quickly braking pads can stop the tires on the motorcycle. By using a vacuum brake bleeder kit, you can stay safe while riding a motorcycle through heavy traffic zones.

Chain Tools

Chain tools are designed for different motorcycle maintenance tasks, and they can make complicated tasks so much easier. For example, when you need to remove a chain, you can tackle this task by using a chain breaker tool, and you could simplify rivet routines with a motorcycle chain rivet tool.


Wrenches are absolutely essential during any motorcycle modification projects that you undertake. Most motorcycle parts are typically secured by a variety of nuts and bolts, and you will need a variety of wrenches or a good adjustable one to make sure you don’t get stuck in the middle of your project..


It may seem like these tools are fun, or only necessary if you plan on doing all your own repairs, but it is important to have things on hand just in case. As Clear Counsel Law points out, motorcycles are more susceptible to crash from little things than cars are, so making sure your motorcycle is always in top condition could be the difference between life and death. When you look at it that way, these tools are more than worth the investment.

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