Giving Your Truck Some TLC: What to Know


Your truck may be a working vehicle, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be both clean and useful. Keeping your truck in good shape will require attention on a daily basis, as well as some detailed TLC every couple of weeks. Don’t let any messes pile up in the cab or bed.

Daily and Weekly Cleanup

Every day, review the cab of the truck for garbage. Coffee cups, receipts, and gum wrappers all need to go. If you have the space, put in a little trash can so anyone else inside the truck with you knows where to put their garbage. Invest in a zippered notebook you can use to store paperwork you have to keep and toss the rest so you can make your weekend wash-ups easier. On the weekends, grab a couple of old tee shirts or towels and work through the truck. No matter what you’re cleaning, always apply the cleaner directly to the towel instead of spraying inside the cab. Overspray is messy.


According to Spyder Industries, a headache rack isn’t just for vanity. Nothing’s worse than having what you’re trying to haul slam into your back window, or even through it. For the DIY dad, it’s crucial. Add a small bin inside the truck to capture small tools or hardware that may get tossed around while driving as well. If you’re traveling with tools, invest in a lock-box you can stash behind the seat to protect your gear from thieves.

Protect the Bed

Once the headache rack is in place, you’re protected from a visitation of whatever you just bought in the event of a quick stop. To keep smaller items in place in your truck, consider adding a truck bed caddy with bungees that you can fill and fasten down when running errands. There are few things more frustrating than carefully loading your truck only to get home and find everything’s tipped over, damaged, or been rolling around in the bed for the last few miles. According to Bumper Only, a bungee net can help capture and contain smaller things as you drive.

Your truck is a great tool. With daily maintenance and a little TLC on the weekends, you can keep it looking great as well as putting it to good use for your business and your family. No matter what you need to haul or carry, you can keep your truck tidy.

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