How to Make Christmas the Most Wonderful Time of the Year for You and Your Family


Christmas is likely a holiday your entire family looks forward to all year long. However, if you don’t plan well, it can become extremely stressful. That’s why you should utilize a few tricks to make Christmas the most wonderful time of the year.

Don’t Stress About Christmas Shopping

It’s nice to buy gifts for family, but Christmas shopping can create a lot of stress if you don’t have a plan. Make sure not to walk into a store without a list of items you need to purchase. This keeps you from forgetting anything and also decreases the chances of impulse buying. If you can buy an item online, this will save you time spent in the busy stores away from your family. When out doing Christmas shopping, keep in mind that slips and falls are common at busy stores, so exercise extra caution. Get Christmas shopping out of the way early, if possible, so that you can enjoy the rest of the season without the stress of unfinished shopping hanging over your head. It’s also a good idea to set limits when it comes to gifts. Kids sometimes receive so much that they don’t even have the opportunity to enjoy it all. Decide what you want to buy your child, make it meaningful, and then stop purchasing gifts.

Secret Santa

Kids love to get into the giving spirit. Holding a family secret Santa is a great way to do this. Have members of your family draw a name and surprise that person with a secret Santa gift throughout the holiday season. The big reveal can happen on Christmas morning so that everyone will know who has been giving them presents. Gifts don’t need to be expensive. In fact, the best gifts are homemade items that your child can put time and energy into. Homemade ornaments, hand-crocheted blankets, and other homemade craft items will give your kids a chance to express creativity while also making a family member a thoughtful gift.

Embrace Experiences

Your child will carry many memories of the holidays throughout their life. However, what they will probably remember the most are the experiences and traditions your family had. That’s why embracing experiences is so great around Christmas. You can even offer experiences as gifts. It gives the entire family something to look forward to and gives kids traditions to continue in their own families someday. Go look at Christmas lights together. Enjoy the symphony when it has a Christmas concert, or go see a production of a Christmas play. Get in the kitchen and bake cookies together to hand out to neighbors one weekend around the holidays. Even making a list and watching Christmas movies together is a great tradition that kids will love. Wear family Christmas pajamas to make this even cozier.

The Christmas season doesn’t have to be stressful. Be intentional about how you spend your time, and make sure you are surrounded by family for a wonderful holiday.

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