Childhood Health Expenses You Should Plan for Now

Every Dad feels it. That precious bundle is placed in your strong, loving arms for the first time and your mind floods with both love and determination. You are determined that you will never let anyone hurt this little one, and you will care for your precious son or treasured daughter with everything in you. One part of keeping that promise to your tiny baby, is to prepare now for some of the big expenses that will come before you know it.


Blame it on electronics, genetics, the sun, or whatever you want, but the number of kids needing glasses in the United States is on the rise. By some estimates, 40% of kids will need glasses or contacts before they leave the house. It is important to have your child’s vision checked each year. Without corrective lenses, children who suffer from reduced eyesight might experience a decline in school performance—simply because they can’t see the board. Eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, and frequent repairs can be costly. Save up now so that when the inevitable need arises, you will be prepared financially.


Chances are high that your child will need braces to correct misaligned teeth. Some experts blame this on a modern shift toward smaller jaws. A softer diet and mouth breathing are two likely culprits for this adaptation. Whatever the reason, the effects are the same: more children need braces now than ever before. Not correcting a misaligned smile poses significant health risks, including low self-esteem and severe jaw pain. However, braces can cost thousands of dollars. By saving money now, you won’t have to face financial hardship when braces become a necessity. Don’t delay. Braces usually get applied between ages 11 and 13.


This is the big one. The one that keeps all parents up at night, sweating. College is incredibly expensive, but all loving parents want to invest in their kids’ future if they can. Unfortunately, college expenses aren’t something you can ignore for 18 years and then suddenly be ready for. This is something that will take years to save up for. There are several good ways to save for college, including savings accounts, Roth IRA’s, 529 plans, and trust funds. The sooner you start, the more you can put away.

No new Dad wants to think about adolescence, or even worse, the day your child will leave the house and start college. Unfortunately, what everyone says is all-too true. Children really do grow up too fast. Help your child get the best start in life as possible by saving for the major expenses that are sure to come up.

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