Dental Care That’s Common During Teenage Years

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Throughout your life, seeing your dentist regularly is important. But teenagers tend to require more oral care as they lose baby teeth and their mouth matures overall. Knowing what dental care teenagers may need will help you plan for future treatments.


Braces are common treatments during teenage years to correct crooked and crowded teeth. All the baby teeth need to be removed before braces are installed. In addition to straightening your teeth, braces can also improve your bite. Having a better bite can make it easier to eat and can make it easier to prevent cavities and gum disease. Traditional metal braces and clear retainers both work in a similar way but are different in how they are cared for. Scheduling a consultation with an orthodontist can help you understand different treatment options. Untreated orthodontic issues can be detrimental to your dental health later in life.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If someone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed, this is a procedure that typically happens during adolescent or early adult years. Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, typically grow in during the teenage years. While some have space for their wisdom teeth to grow in behind back molars with no issue, many will need to have them removed either because of space or because of how they grow in. Wisdom teeth removal is always accompanied by some kind of anesthesia. A dentist can refer you to an oral surgeon when they determine the wisdom teeth should be removed. 

Smoking and Vaping

Teenagers who smoke or vape may be subject to more dental care needs. Smoking can stain teeth and gums and lead to gum disease. Long-term smoking can lead to cancer of the throat and mouth. Vaping can be just as harmful to teeth and gums because e-cigarettes also contain nicotine. Teenagers should be made aware of the risks and dangers of smoking and vaping to their overall health and their dental health. Quitting these behaviors is the only way to prevent further damage to teeth and gums.

In addition to the basics of flossing, teeth brushing, and regular dentist visits, teenagers may need special dental care. The special care they may require is important to help prevent cavities, gum disease, and other oral infections. Being aware of what kind of oral care your teenager needs will help you make good decisions regarding their treatment.

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