The Greatest Feeling in the World

I love being a dad. It’s more amazing than I ever even expected!

I love the late nights (maybe not at the moment, but I love that I can help my tiny babies), I love spending time with them. Shoot, I even love changing diapers and when my babies puke all over me, right after I finished getting dressed and I’m ready to walk out the door. Ok, maybe I don’t love all of those things at the time, but when I think back over the past 17 months of fatherhood, I wouldn’t change a thing – not even the disgusting parts. Why? Because I love being able to help someone so tiny. I love being able to give my wife a break since she’s cooped up at home with them all day every day.

But there’s one thing about being a dad that makes me melt. It’s small and to some, insignificant… but it’s the greatest part of my day. No, it’s not getting off work or going to bed, although I certainly do cherish those moments, too. It’s something my son does and something my daughter will be able to do too in a few months or so.

I get off work around 5 each weekday, usually exhausted and somewhat stressed from the day. I say around 5 because in a perfect world I get off at that time, but I’m salaried. If you’ve ever been a salaried employee, enough said right? For sake of clarity, it’s about 5 because I don’t just work a standard 9 to 5. I start at 8, get an hour lunch (most days, but there’s always that awkwardly timed meeting or two or three), and then I work until I’m at a good stopping point. Sometimes that’s at 5, sometimes 6. Whenever it is, that’s when I pack up. But then there’s that one person who stops by to chat about a project or an issue right around 4:59 and I have to take care of it before I can get out of there. I’m sorry guys, but the only thing on my mind the entire time we’re talking is getting home, seeing my family, and the one thing that makes my heart jump for joy.

By now I bet you’re getting frustrated (especially you, Sarah) because I’m going on and on about work and you just want to know what this post is about. Your wait is almost over, I promise!

The greatest feeling in the world is when I open the door to my house and William charges for the baby gate yelling “da! dad! dada!” I seriously never thought I would be such a sucker for it, but I can’t help but smile when he says my name. And when he drops what he’s doing and charges to me, yelling for me, holding his arms up and waiting for me – it’s amazing! My heart melts at the sound and the sight. I just love him so much and it excites me how much he loves me back.

There’s only one thing that will top this great feeling: when Alexis can join William!

Never stop, William. Never stop 🙂

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