How to Get Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables

Little kids are often picky eaters, and their pickiness usually comes from uncertainty about texture. Unfortunately, most vegetables have a unique texture that most kids do not enjoy. Get your kids to overcome their pickiness and eat more vegetables by not forcing them, adding them in small amounts, and leading by example.

Don’t Force Them 

Children are at a formative age where they start to discover their independence and agency. Letting your child make their own decisions is crucial to their development. When you are trying to get your child to eat more vegetables, you shouldn’t force or threaten them. Sometimes you have to show no interest in their decision for them to make the healthy decision you want. Letting your child choose to eat vegetables will establish a pattern of making healthy choices throughout their life.

Add Them in Small Amounts

Often, children need to get used to the idea of eating vegetables as much as they need to get used to seeing vegetables. When they are young, it is important to introduce vegetables in small amounts. Pair them with foods your kids like. They will then associate positive feelings towards their favorite meal and the vegetables that come with it. You can also mix veggies into your child’s meal. Considering all the health benefits of vegetables, it’s worth the extra effort. For example, kale and spinach contain vitamins that strengthen teeth health. As you introduce vegetables, they will become more accepting of eating them.

Lead By Example 

You are your child’s biggest role model. You are the one they see the most and try to emulate. When your child sees you eating healthy and enjoying it, they are more likely to follow suit. Establishing healthy patterns in your own life will set an example for your kids, so stress the importance of eating vegetables by eating them yourself. Green smoothies, salads, and veggie snacks are much more appealing to kids when they see their parents enjoying them. It may sound strange, but for young kids, whatever you’re having, they want in on it too.

Teaching a child the importance of eating healthy is foundational to their present and future health and happiness. Still, it is a process that requires diligent effort. Get your kid to eat more vegetables now, and they’ll be much healthier adults! 

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