Items That You Should Pack in Your Kids’ Lunch

Items That You Should Pack in Your Kids’ Lunch

As a dad, one of your most important responsibilities is to ensure that your kids are happy and healthy. Doing so will make certain that your kiddos have the brain power to do well in school, as well as the physical energy for whatever activities they are involved in—from soccer to ballet. Here are three essential items that you should include in your kids’ lunches so that they stay full throughout the day and so that their bodies can continue growing healthy and strong.  

A Sandwich

The great thing about packing a sandwich compared to other main meals is that sandwiches are extremely versatile—a blank slate for loads of healthy and appetizing fillings like vegetables, nut butters, meats, and even fruits. Help your kids eat a well-balanced diet by incorporating elements of the various food groups into each sandwich: grains, fruits/vegetables, proteins, healthy fats, and dairy. For example, spice up a basic peanut butter sandwich with some sliced bananas for a boost of potassium. Or add some avocados into a turkey sandwich to keep your kids feeling full for longer.


Fruit is another essential element that you should include in your kids’ lunches. Fruits contain plenty of essential nutrients that help protect your kids from developing chronic illnesses or nutrient deficiencies. According to Maccaro Pediatric Dentistry, fibrous fruits help clean teeth and wash away damaging substances. Nevertheless, fruit also tends to get left uneaten in the bottom of many lunch boxes. If this is a problem for your kids, encourage them to eat their fruit by slicing it ahead of time or even coating the fruit in a nutritious nut butter or some dark chocolate.  

A Healthy Snack

Given how active children are, there may be a chance that their usual lunch isn’t enough to get them through the day. Therefore, a great addition to every packed lunch is a healthy snack for when your kiddos’ tummies start rumbling during class. Fostering Forever suggests some healthy but picky-eater friendly snacks including trail mix (don’t forget some bits of chocolate), yogurt with fruit, cottage cheese, and low-sugar granola bars.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of everything that you should consider including in your kiddos’ lunches, it serves as a good foundation for what makes a healthy, delicious lunch. Don’t be afraid to add some variety into your kids’ lunches so that they don’t get bored of the same foods. And always make certain that you incorporate elements from every food group to ensure that your kids’ energy levels remain high throughout their day.

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