What You Can Give Your Child Instead of Soda

What You Can Give Your Child Instead of Soda-min

If you are like most people, then you have children who are obsessed with soda. Soda is targeted strongly towards kids, and with their sweet flavor profile, taste great and give kids the sugar boost that they crave. But soda is far from healthy and trying to find as many alternatives to soda for your kids as possible is essential for helping them build healthy habits and limiting their soda intake themselves. Luckily, there are dozens of options for soda alternatives. Here are three things that you can give your child instead of soda.


Your first option that you can give your child instead of soda is the world’s favorite drink – water. While water may not be the most exciting drink in the world, it is the healthiest, boasting zero calories and providing the hydration that your body needs to function. Your kids should be drinking water every single day, and it should be their most consumed beverage. If your kids miss the carbonation of soda, you can feel free to give your kids sparkling water. Our bodies are 70% water, so keeping hydrated and replenishing that water is essential.


Another great soda alternative that you can give your kids is milk. Milk is another classic healthy drink that is low in calories while providing energy and nutrients like calcium that can support bone health and growth in children. Milk can provide essential nutrients such as protein and Vitamin D. If you are a plant-based household, you still have tons of milk options as well, from oat to almond and soy milk along with plenty of other options. If your child wants a sweeter beverage, you can add a bit of chocolate syrup or melted chocolate to a glass of milk to turn it into a healthier dessert option.

Fruit Juice

The final soda alternative that you can give your children on our list today is fruit juice. Fruit juice can be a great, sweet way to get some of the nutrients from whole fruits while still enjoying a drink that isn’t water. Be careful when buying juice however, as many juices have tons of added sugar and other ingredients that can make juice just as bad as soda. You should be buying 100% juice options with no added sugars for the healthiest alternative to soda.

Soda is one of the worst things you can include in your diet. But if your kids love soda, then you need to help them find an alternative to replace some of their soda intake. You can give your child any of these three soda alternatives for a healthier beverage for your kids.

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