Why You Need to Create Healthy Relationships with Your Teens

Why You Need to Create Healthy Relationships with Your Teens

Raising children is perhaps the most difficult challenge that you will take on in your entire life. The baby phase is incredibly taxing mentally, physically, and emotionally, and once they are toddlers, they are a constant headache. Eventually they are grade schoolers, bumbling along, and then preteens dealing with puberty, and then finally emerging as teens. While you may have less direct responsibility for performing basic tasks for your teen, parenting a teen is incredibly challenging in its own ways. Here is why you need to create healthy relationships with your teen and how you can do this properly.

Serve as a Positive Role Model

The first reason is that you can serve as a positive role model. As a father, you could represent what a loving, responsible, and caring adult man looks like to your children. In a world where there seems to be fewer and fewer truly great male role models, you are in a unique position to be that role model. If you have a strong relationship with your teens, they are more likely to know you, and see how you function as an adult in a positive and constructive way.

Make Them Feel Comfortable Talking to You

Another crucial reason that you need to create a healthy relationship with your teen is so they feel comfortable talking to you. As a parent, one of your most important tasks is to offer advice, support, and love to your children. But if they aren’t comfortable talking to you because they don’t feel close enough with you will be a major roadblock towards giving that support. Being able to have these kinds of open conversations with your teen is crucial for their mental health. You should also know the signs of teen mental health issues. This can help you spot, support, and offer help in times of need.

Keep a Relationship with Them into Adulthood

The final reason is so you can keep that great relationship into their adulthood and beyond. The amazing thing about children is they grow into adults who you will continue to love, support, and care for, and they will do the same in return. But only if you have developed strong relationships with them while they are still young. Building these relationships and strengthening them through your child’s teen years will set the stage for your adult relationship with your kids in just a few years’ time.

Developing relationships with your teen is essential for both your good and the good of your children. As a father, it can take effort to build these relationships, but all that work is worth it. Make sure that you are focusing on these three benefits of creating relationships with your teens to push you towards being the best father that you can be.

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