Things My Kids Taught Me #1

Things My Kids Taught Me #1 | Enjoy the little things

This is the first post in a series I’m calling “Things My Kids Taught Me”. As a parent, it’s my job to teach my children about life and help them develop into smart, well-rounded individuals. But the more I get into this being-a-dad thing, the more I’ve noticed that they teach me a lot, too.

The other day my wife laid down my son’s favorite blanket and a couple of pillows to make a little bed for him on the floor.


He started rolling around on the blanket, diving into the pillows and giggling like crazy. Honestly, I wasn’t 100% sure what was going on at first. He just went psycho! Once I was sure he wasn’t having some sort of attack, it was adorable. He was so excited about his little simple bed, that he just simply couldn’t contain himself! With reckless abandon he writhed about on the floor and snuggled around in his blanket and pillows. It was almost like he’d never felt something so soft in his life and just couldn’t get enough.

It was an adorable reminder to enjoy the little things and not care about what others may think. Which brings me to the first two lessons of the series:

Lesson 1: Enjoy the little things

I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to “miss the trees for the forest” as that old saying goes. I’m too busy focusing on the whole picture and the big things that are happening, and completely forget to take a second to just enjoy the little things. In our fast-paced society it almost feels like you’re doing something wrong if you just slow down and spend time focusing on little seemingly insignificant things.

Don’t fall for it!

If there’s one major life lesson I’ve learned through being a parent, enjoying the little things is certainly it.

What kind of boring, frustrating and pathetic life would we lead if we always focused on the big and stressful things? Worrying about a bill that may arrive any day or something going on at work when you’re sitting at home and should be relaxing is self-inflicted torture. Be like William and dive into the little pleasures when you can. Work should be done during work hours and then left at the office; the bill will come and you’ll handle it. But right now, right this very second, take some time to breathe. Take a second to enjoy what you have and who you are with.

Another perfect example is my bathrobe. Yep, it’s a simple little thing but I sure do enjoy it! I was never one for sweatpants or pajamas or bathrobes… I just didn’t see the point. However I recently rediscovered a bathrobe I’ve had for a while but never wore much… and man am I enjoying it. It’s soft, it’s warm… and William likes to cuddle with it, so that’s a sweet extra bonus, too. If I was too busy to stop and enjoy the little things my bathrobe would have sat there for who knows how long and I wouldn’t have had the wonderful cuddle time with William that this bathrobe has encouraged.

Lesson 2: Don’t care about what other people think

News flash everyone: you don’t have to please everyone and you certainly don’t have to be embarrassed for being yourself.

Be yourself and enjoy it! Who cares if some stranger thinks you’re a bit odd for running around singing in the middle of the parking lot? Who cares that you dressed up like a princess to play with your daughter? Hopefully not you! The important thing is that you and your family are enjoying it. Be yourself, no matter who’s watching.


So what life lessons have your children taught you? Use the comment section below to share! I look forward to hearing from you.

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